GasDay Modeling Software

GasDay generates highly accurate natural gas demand forecasts over an eight-day period, allowing Local Distribution Companies (LDC) sufficient time to plan gas supply for the week. Reliable estimates of natural gas use avoids excess supply or shortages of natural gas distribution, making GasDay a valuable product.

Our enhanced modeling techniques take the guesswork out of your data!

Benefits of GasDay

  • Greater forecasting consistency
  • Highly accurate estimates
  • Quick forecasts
  • Automated process
  • Powerful storage and analysis tools

Forecasting Models

The models developed by GasDay are designed specifically to use accurate weather data, historical trends in the weather, and past load demand data for the purpose of generating accurate predictions of natural gas use in a variety of climates and geographies.

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Better Forecasts

GasDay uses flow data and weather forecasts to revise predictions throughout the entire gas day, resulting in very reliable predictions of future usage.

Efficient and Cost Effective

Services are powered by advanced modeling technologies, which replace manual calculation of forecasts with a convenient, automated process.

Powerful Analysis

GasDay includes system performance data tools, to perform queries for many conditions and patterns surrounding the natural gas market.