Custom Studies

GasDay uses each LDC’s unique historical flow data along with weather inputs to forecast the demand for natural gas. Upon request, GasDay can perform customized studies.

Heating Oil Forecaster

GasDay’s Heating Oil Forecaster service helps heating oil delivery companies schedule delivery service shortly before the customer’s oil tank is empty.

Measurement Scene Investigator

Measurement Scene Investigator (MSI) analyzes historical flow data to detect erroneous, missing, or suspicious readings in natural gas flow data.

Weather Station Optimization

GasDay’s natural gas demand estimates rely on weather inputs provided by weather stations for a region or territory. The optimal solution for these distribution territories and region would combine weather data from a variety of inputs.

Design Day

Design Day analysis helps LDCs plan for their peak days, which usually occur during extreme cold weather conditions. This product anticipates demand on the highest flow days so that LDCs can design their natural gas distribution systems and operations toa