Frequently Asked Questions

What is GasDay?

GasDay is a software package that forecasts natural gas flow. Using past weather data, previous gas sendout, and current weather forecasts, the GasDay model creates an accurate gas flow forecast that saves gas utilities time, money, and effort.

Who uses GasDay?

GasDay is primarily used by natural gas utilities, and it is beneficial for gas utilities of all sizes and in all locations. Because it is so easily customized, we can optimize the software package for your unique needs and situation.

Forecasting Capabilities

What forecasts are available?

The number of forecasts available depends on which GasDay product you are using. Our standard product, GasDay, provides users with a rolling eight day forecast. GasHour supplies an hour by hour forecast for the next four days, and GasMonth and GasYear allow users to forecast long range.

How long does a forecast take?

Generating a forecast takes just seconds with GasDay, which leaves you with more time to focus on other areas of your business.

How accurate are GasDay’s forecasts?

Because of our fine-tuned mathematical model, GasDay’s forecasts achieve an unmatched level of accuracy. Every time it has been tested, it outperformed the current method of forecasting, making it a prime forecasting software for gas utilities.

Does GasDay adjust for unusual days?

Yes, the GasDay model automatically adjusts for special days and holidays. It also accounts for days near holidays, minor holidays, and half holidays. In addition GasDay automatically compensates for changes between daylight savings time and standard time.

Data Management

Can data input be automated?

Yes, GasDay can be configured to automatically input data and even generate forecasts using a standard scheduler (such as NT Scheduler). In fact, some utilities that use GasDay have it set up to run entirely on its own.

Can network-stored files be used as input for GasDay?

Yes, GasDay can read several formats of actual weather, weather forecast, and actual gas flow files in either flat ascii text, csv, or xls format. Because GasDay runs in Excel format, standard Windows copy and paste functions are also supported.

What if bad data is used for GasDay?

The GasDay workbook validates data for reasonableness, so most bad data is detected before it is stored in the database. If past data needs to be changed, this is easily accomplished by going back to the faulty data, changing it, and prompting GasDay to re-tune the model.


What are the system requirements for GasDay?

In order to run GasDay, users must have Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit) and Microsoft Excel 2000 with SR1, XP, 2002, 2003, 2007, or 2010 32-bit.

How skilled do users have to be to operate GasDay?

GasDay has been run successfully at many utilities by people with a variety of skills. Ultimately, anyone who can use Microsoft Excel can use GasDay.

What does the user have to do to operate GasDay?

To generate a forecast, the user must input the relevant data and run the forecasting model. This process is very simple and easy, and it can even be automated to run by itself without any user input.