Graduate Assistants

Graduate studentsAt Marquette’s GasDay Lab, we do research in system identification, time series signal processing, filtering, mathematical and statistical modeling, data mining, and forecasting, including ensemble (consensus, combining) forecasting. We leverage knowledge from mathematics, statistics, computer science, and economics in addition to traditional electrical and computer engineering fields of controls, signal processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. We apply our research in the natural gas distribution and transmission industries. The GasDay project is funded by about 30 industrial companies, so you will work closely with representatives in industry. Therefore, we require that students be fluent in English.

Research assistantship packages include tuition and stipend. Awards are for one academic year, renewable for a second year for masters students and for up to four years for Ph.D. students, contingent on satisfactory progress. Summer support is often available too. You will be expected to complete a thesis or dissertation in Electrical and Computer Engineering (or in a related engineering or scientific area), under the supervision of Dr. Brown, Dr. Corliss, and Dr. Povinelli.



You must...

  1. Hold a B.S. degree in related programs such as Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, System Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, or Statistics.
  2. Have strong background in mathematics, systems, and signal processing.
  3. Possess and demonstrate excellent computer programming skills:
    - Must be proficient using and programming MATLAB and its toolboxes.
    - Must be experienced in software engineering best practices such as software version management, release planning, and software validation.
  4. Be self-motivated, have the ability to work both independently and with a team.
    Possess strong written and verbal English communications skills.


A GasDay research assistantship is similar to a teaching assistantship in the sense that duties extend beyond pursuing your own research. In our case, the additional duties support the running GasDay’s technology transfer operations. This will provide valuable experiences delivering and supporting our software and research products as they are delivered to partner companies throughout the United States. You will experience the satisfaction of shepherding your research as it is being applied to practice and used in industry.

Your thesis or dissertation will be on a topic related to the GasDay Project. We provide a supportive, mentoring environment for research and written and oral communication, through weekly advisor meetings and a weekly research seminar. You will give an oral presentation of your research monthly. Most masters degree students leave as co-authors of at least one research paper; Ph.D. students are expected to author multiple papers.


The Value Add to You!

  1. A graduate degree from a highly regarded university.
  2. Stipend and tuition for up to two years for master’s degree candidates, and up to four years for Ph.D. candidates, with an option for summer support. All support is contingent upon maintaining satisfactory progress towards a degree.
  3. Research experience: The fundamental skills certified by a graduate degree include self-discipline and an ability to figure things out for yourself, HIGHLY valued job skills.
  4. The opportunity to work and conduct research within the energy industry, an area of crucial importance offering numerous career paths.
  5. Business experience: GasDay functions like a small business within the university, and students are key to every aspect of its operation, from technical development to management to marketing. You will graduate with a good understanding of basic business operations.
  6. Writing: We are serious about good writing. When you graduate and get a job, colleagues in surrounding offices may be as technically competent as you; good writing is your primary competitive advantage, and we help you become an effective technical writer.
  7. Career networking and advice: Graduate study is a step toward a long and satisfying career. Our graduates are highly employable. GasDay faculty have a combined 100+ years’ experience in industry and academia, experience we share with you.
  8. Fun: GasDay is a pleasant place to work. We celebrate successes, we celebrate monthly birthdays, and we have food at the drop of a muffin.